A music camp that's so fun, your kids will forget they're learning.


"My kids love music, but I don't just don't know how to help them."

I heard this sentiment over and over again when I was teaching music classes in my community. It's no wonder why. Too many kids miss out on music because:

  • It's too hard to teach if you're not musical yourself.
  • Private lessons are exorbitantly expensive.
  • It can be hard to find musical enrichments for kids outside of school.
  • The music lessons you tried were boring and the kids weren't interested.
  • Maybe you just aren't sure where to invest their time and money: Should we buy an instrument and hope they stick with it long enough to make it worth it? What age is the best to start lessons? Should we start with piano, or is another instrument better?

This summer, let's simplify things.

Instead of questioning how to find music classes that don't empty your wallet and put your kids to sleep, join ZFM Summer Camp.

A Fun, Affordable Music Camp for K-4th Graders.

When you join ZFM Summer Camp,

  • We'll make your life just a little easier- let us do the teaching while you take a few minutes for yourself!
  • You'll save money- our camp is one low cost per family, so all of your kids can participate.
  • You'll save time- Camp is virtual, so you don't have to drive back and forth anywhere.
  • Your kids will have fun! We keep things enjoyable with games and activities that kids love to participate in.

ZFM Summer Camp is an easy decision to make. No more wondering where you should put your money, no more fretting over whether or not a particular instrument or class is a wise investment. Simply come to class, and watch your kids learning and having fun.


"I can’t believe how much this one class… inspired my girls in music!"
"My kids cried when your class was over!"
-Parent of four children
"The activities were fun and engaging and we look forward to more!"

What will your kids learn at music camp?

During our week of camp, kids will have lessons, games, and activities that explore the following concepts and skills:

  • Distinguishing the difference between a beat and a rhythm, and discovering how to create both.
  • Practicing simple body percussion to promote healthy movement, motor skills, and coordination- not to mention it's fun!
  • Exploring a range of pitches in both our singing voices and household objects.
  • Playing with the art of melody through solfege practice and simple songs.
  • Positively collaborating and communicating with others.
  • Identifying and connecting with the emotions of music.
  • Learning about the discipline and the joy of practice.
  • Discovering how to record remotely to create our very own virtual camp performance.

ZFM Summer Camp is a place for kids to learn music, grow personally, make new friends, and have FUN!

ZFM Summer Camp Schedule

  • June 20th-24th
  • Teaching Zoom on Monday - Friday, 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern
  • "Fun Homework"- Asyncronous activities to be completed on your own time.
  • Helping Zoom on Monday -Thursday, 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern


How much does ZFM Summer Camp Cost?

Cost is $50 per family for the entire week. Need-based scholarships are available. Email abi@ziegerfamilymusic to request a scholarship application.

Who is camp for?

Camp material is geared towards K-4th grade children, but siblings and/or parents are welcome to join in!

Who is the teacher?

My name is Abigail Zieger, and I'm a certified music educator, mom of four great kids, 7-year homeschooler, and actively performing singer. I've been teaching private voice lessons and general music classes for kids and adults for nearly 15 years.

Where do classes take place?

This is a virtual camp, and all classes take place on Zoom. Zoom links will be emailed to you automatically prior to each camp session.

What happens if I miss a session?

All classes will be recorded and replays will be available, so if you have to miss a session for any reason you can watch on your own time!

Do we have to do every part of camp?

You will get the most out of camp if you participate in as many sessions as possible. However, if for any reason you have to miss a session or if your child isn't comfortable partcipating in a certain activity, that is perfectly okay. You and your family can participate at whatever level works for you.

Have another question?

Email abi@ziegerfamilymusic.com and I will do my very best to help!

It would be an honor to have you join us at virtual music camp this summer.

Won't you join us?

IMPORTANT: Please check for an email from me to confirm your subscription after sign-up. If you don't see it right away, look in your spam and promotions tabs. Without completing confirmation, you'll miss all camp emails from me. Please email abi@ziegerfamilymusic if you have any trouble.